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Few words about my artistic approach

To make you come in my poetic universe

my inspiration

After scientifics studies, nothing destined me to an artistic career except passion. I have been trained at Marie-Josephe Stenne's workshop  for modeling, then at Carole Boissière's one for raku cooking. Those two experiences allowed me to fly with my own wings.


I sculpt stylized, lively and colorful characters. Never still, they reveal an astonishing contrast between lightness of movement and generosity of form. I create joyful life scenes imbued with optimism. My sculptures transcribe this state of mind so well that they encourage those who discover them to enjoy the pleasures of life. 

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A second wind

My researches are now directing me towards the incorporation of materials that already have their own history: driftwood, rusty metal recovery objects,...

The sculptures then become with imagination the weavers of history. I love to hear you talking about it and extend the story.


Chance as raw material: raku

I like to let chance do the talking, giving my sculptures a somewhat uncontrollable character. I explore the accidental, the random and the unexpected through raku.


I model the clay with precision, then I choose and apply enamel. I do my part, chance takes care of the rest, giving life to the work. The raku creates a constantly renewed magic . 


Learn more about the technique



Each piece is unique,
modeled in a granular clay, produced in
Mehun sur Yèvre, for over 100 years. 

After drying, the sculpture is baked for the first time at 980°.

A recognized sculptor

And many times rewarded...

In the press ...


A few words from the art critic Piero Cavalleri,
after his visit to the PasseArt Gallery in Troyes.

In Japan, ceramic artists believe that in the "raku" technique (second firing of the pieces with the characteristic method of smoking) the accidental is the divine part of the work. 
Even if, like Blandine Rossa Destouches, we call it more simply chance, there remains the element of happy surprises in each creation.
When her characters, kneaded in the earth and baked for the first time, emerge again from the smoke and the fire, they are dressed in joyful and lively enamels and their skin is now tinted by this strange alchemy. 
Then, and no doubt just before resuming what we know to be the great game of life, they pause for a moment, in suspended balance. 
Their seats are of driftwood, their accessories of pebbles, feathers or metal with stories inscribed in the fibers and from this land of which they themselves are made. 
Silhouettes of children or adults in the making, intrepid, lovers or parents, their tender smiles, their pensive and complicit attitudes invite us to ask ourselves too to rethink the world and dream it different. 

Piero Cavalleri, October 2019

Interview pour RCF en 2016Eric Perennec
00:00 / 13:37
Blandine makes terracotta sculptures, mainly characters. Some of these works evoke scenes from real life or inspired by current events, such as the fate of migrants. Despite everything, the works of Blandine ROSSA Destouches remain joyful, lively, optimistic.

Arnaud moreau for France 3, 2017

Biennale de céramique Langeais 2014
Inauguration de mon atelier, METTRAY 2015
Exposition de sculpture de Blandine Rossa Destouches
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