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come meet me

Glad to tell you about my dreams  ...

I have devoted myself to sculpture for almost ten years now. I participate in many national and international fairs, encouraged by various awards and distinctions. My sculptures are also exhibited in galleries.

No doubt you will find them near you!

Come and meet me at exhibitions and fairs in your area. It is with pleasure that I will take you into my poetic and serene universe.  I will introduce you to my little lunar characters and my women on their way to dreams. 

I will explain my technique for clay modeling and enamelling according to the raku technique. 

My researches are now directing me towards the incorporation of materials that already have their own history: driftwood, rusty metal recovery objects...

Through your own imagination, my sculptures then become the weavers of history, and I like to listen to you tell me what you feel.

See you soon. 



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